Santex Products is synonymous with quality products. Since 1983 we have been catering to the needs of our esteemed customers. Our research shows that people who demand the best in healthcare ultimately prefer Santex Products.

Our Sanitary Napkins line includes Breathable Maxi Thick, Ultra-Thin (Cottony-Top & Dry Mesh Top), Value Packs, Panty Liners, Mother Comfort and our unique Hello period starter kit. Our diverse product line meets the needs of all age groups.


Butterfly Breathables are available in both cottony & dry mesh top sheet that breaks down heavy flow while the cottony wings allow for complete mobility. Its length and a wide base provides complete protection and prevents staining, and the breathable microscopic pores ensure full breathability.


Santex Products value range has both Long & Ultra Thin packs at the most economical price.


Butterfly Mother Comforts range is specially designed for women to manage their post-delivery flow and to provide extra length and security so that new mothers have all the protection they need for when they are out and about.